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Jackson Brake Repair

Your car’s brakes are extremely important to the overall safety of your vehicle. Any brake problem should be addressed as quickly as possible to ensure that you will be able to slow and stop properly on the road. At Vision Tire & Auto in Jackson, MI, we are the experts when it comes to brake repair and service in the area. Regardless of the issue that you may be experiencing, you can trust that our ASE Master mechanics will get you back on the road with a dependable vehicle in no time.

When you bring your vehicle into our shop for a brake repair, you will receive all of the following to ensure that you will love the way your car drives and stops when you leave our shop:

  • We inspect brakes before we recommend repairs. It’s easy to give someone a quote over the phone but without taking the brake system apart and checking the calipers and wheel cylinders, we can’t give an accurate brake estimate.
  • We test drive the vehicle and check for high speed pulsation, brake pulls, and any assist problems to make sure the vehicle drives properly after the repair.
  • We test drive after the brakes are repaired to make sure the vehicle stops properly and the brakes are up to our high standards.
  • Each brake repair has all lubrication points completely cleaned and lubricated with the highest-grade ceramic lubricant. Rust on hubs and any contact point is removed and surfaces are treated with oxidation inhibitor. Our brake jobs use premium parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

If you suspect a problem with your vehicle’s brakes, don’t hesitate to give Vision Tire & Auto a call today or stop by at our shop in Jackson, MI.

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