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At Vision Tire & Auto, we are your source for professional oil change services here in Jackson, MI. Regular oil changes are a critical part of good vehicle maintenance. By having the engine oil changed on schedule, you will increase your engine’s efficiency and performance. At our family owned and operated facility, our oil change services are handled by highly skilled ASE certified master technicians who are experienced with just about every make and model of vehicle. You’ll always receive excellent customer service at our shop and we will work efficiently to get you back on the road in a timely manner.

Our oil change service includes draining the old engine oil from your vehicle and then replacing it with new oil. We also replace the oil filter with a fresh one, necessary for smooth circulation. Additionally, our oil change service comes with a comprehensive vehicle inspection. This allows us to check your vehicle’s vital systems for proper working order and to inform you of any potential concerns that may need to be kept watch of or taken care of in the near future. Our goal is for you to have a safe and reliable vehicle, and a regular inspection can help identify issues early-on before they cause you trouble on the road.

Motor oil has a very important role in your vehicle’s overall operation. It works as a lubricant, which is necessary to prevent your engine’s components from rubbing together. It also helps to prevent overheating by absorbing some of the heat that the engine omits. Additionally, the oil also helps to pick up dirt and debris while it is circulated, keeping your vehicle’s engine clean. When an oil change is missed, and the motor oil becomes low or dirty, the engine won’t receive proper lubrication which can lead to overheating and part damage. Engine repairs can be costly, so avoiding this with your regular oil change will save you the stress of dealing with these issues in the long run!

At our Jackson, MI oil change shop, we use trusted brand name products and fluids when performing your vehicle’s services in order to guarantee top-quality results. We follow your vehicle’s factory recommendations when it comes to the type of oil to be used for your specific vehicle, and also how often your oil should be changed.

When you need an oil change in Jackson, MI, look no further than the experts here at Vision Tire & Auto. Give us a call or schedule an appointment with us online today!

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